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  I’m Arwen, a brunette Marilyn Monroe, but all my friends call me Arwy or Wennie, because I’m sweet and innocent. I’m happy to say that I like to treat all my friends like they are my family, and I respect and care about all of them.


  I’m the sweet girl next door who falls in love really easy, but at the same time I’m a really complex person who goes easily from crazy to sleepy, from naughty to sweet and from funny to scary… But,, I’m just a woman.


  Many guys see me as a princess (which is true) but to be honest I prefer to be treated as the lovely woman that I am inside. I will make you lose all your sadness and I will listen to you every time you need it. I’m offering you understanding, advices and all my precious love. The time we will spend together it will never be enough, and we will never get bored of each other.

If you want to win my heart or just to be friends it is really important to me that you be a gentleman. I would like you to respect me, talk nice to me, to be kind and respectful.


  If you want to know me, be careful, you may find a miracle!


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